Company profile
RISE was established in 2007 and has since been involved in ongoing consulting services to corporate companies and organisations in a wide range of industries.
RISE’s clients include leading companies in various market sectors, among them: Metal, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Chemicals, Wood, Transport , Logistics, and Hi-tech.
RISE integrates expertise from the fields of industrial engineering, operations management, operations research, and M&A experience to achieve our objective of improving business performance.
RISE supports business performance processes starting from the business strategy formulation phase all the way through to full implementation. This approach uniquely integrates strategy, operations and organizational solutions creating a solid platform for ongoing performance excellence.
Fields of expertise
RISE specializes in supply chain solutions including:
  • Supply chain management
  •  Production planning & control
  • Inventory management (forecasting & fulfillment)
  • Manufacturing
  • Sourcing
  • Warehouses
  •  Distribution
RISE’s main methodologies and tools are:
RISE specializes in maximizing the potential and minimizing the risks of M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) deals. RISE has accumulated experience of over 13 M&A processes in diverse industries and countries.
Our services include:
  • Due diligence assessment in order to evaluate potential synergism, risks and optimal integration approach.
  • Post merger integration (PMI) planning
  • Integration process management
 Team overview  
Our highly-skilled and professional people are fully committed to equipping you with the knowledge and tools to support you in reaching your goals.
Shai Reize is the founder and director of RISE . Throughout his 20 years of consulting activity, Shai personally led large scale management programs. Shai is an expert in the fields of Lean Management & Supply Chain Management (SCM) and has been consulting leading global and local companies. Shai holds an MBA from Bar-Ilan University and a B.Sc. in industrial engineering from the Technion - Israel Technology Institute.